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We talked about this a little bit in-game over the weekend... Some of the behaviors that I've noticed with the tamed dogs:

* If I attack a target with a ranged weapon, the dogs will sometimes ignore the combat completely. If, however, I attack a target with a melee weapon, the dogs are on that target like... a pack of dogs!

* If a thug/mutant attacks me, the dogs will just sit there happily watching me get beat down until I successfully target and attack the attacker myself.

* The dogs run (slide?) more slowly than the players, so it's possible to actually outrun and lose your own tamed dogs.

* Should there be a limit on how many tamed dogs a player can have? With three of them, I can run up to a thug, pop him in the head with the club, run away, and watch the dogs tear him apart in seconds.

Other thoughts:

* It'd be cool if the dog stayed with the backpack when a player dies and attacks anybody who tries to loot the pack. Another alternative, as suggested by TheBassernator, would be to have a dog actually pick up the backpack and start running in the direction of the respawned player; good doggie! :D


  • If your are too far away, dogs won't attack. So your ranged weapon might be in range, but dogs don't care at the moment.
    All you points are valid and the last one is genius. :D

    I will improve the dogs over time like you said. Good points.
  • The Dog and The Rebels are only Dropping meat and cloth. Thre rebel backpack is not loaded as expected
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