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Use Gamepad as mouse.

Is it possible to make the right analog stick the mouse? and the L1 and R1 Shoulder buttons left and right click? That way if someone wanted to use a gamepad completely they could versus using a mouse and gamepad combination.


  • Yes that would be great! Actually I put just that idea on my list some time ago.
    But since I am not a gamepad gamer I tend to get lazy about gamepad topics. ;)

    Do you want to play gamepad only?
  • Their are times when I defiantly want to. For example driving is extremely fun when using the game-pad... But when i start dying from starvation i have to use the mouse to eat...I would be awesome if i didn't have to so i could continue swerving around!
  • edited March 2015
    It'd probably (?possibly?) be easier just to add gamepad/keyboard support to the storage windows rather than doing mouse emulation.

    * Have one slot highlighted by default when the window opens.

    * Left/Right/Up/Down moves the selector to the next adjacent slot.

    * [action key/button] (E by default) will USE whatever item is the currently highlighted slot. So this'd be used to eat food, use a medkit, etc.

    * [bindable key/button] selects/picks up the item in the current slot on the first click/press and unselects/drops the item on the second press/click.

    So if you have a gun in slot #4 and you wanted to move it to slot #2, you'd first move the selector to slot #4 with the directional keys/pad, pick up the item with whatever key you've bound to that action, move the selector to slot #2, and press that button/key again to drop the item into that slot.

    For discarding items, there could be a little trashcan icon/slot.
  • I like that idea better!
  • It's more work to create console like controls next to mouse/keyboard.
    Mouse emulation with the stick/shoulder buttons would be much easier to do.

    Anyway in the long term I will liston to the players. I there's a high demand I can integrate what's necessary.
  • if you can do mouse emulation for now that would be awesome! Something is much better than nothing! Thanks.
  • Will do ... in one of the next updates. :)
  • i play with xbox joystick
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