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FAQs for Immune

edited March 2015 in Immune
Where can I buy Immune?
On our homepage or on Steam

What are you working on at the moment?
Here you can see what I am up to:

How much will the game cost?
Less than $20.

What are the hardware requirements?
Immune should be able to run on older machines, too. We'd recommend a dual core processor with 2 GB RAM and a graphics card with 256 MB RAM. The game will probably not need more than 1 GB hard drive space.

Can I host my own server?
Yes, it will be easy to start your own server to play in the internet or even on LAN.

Can I be alpha tester?
Open alpha tests are already over. Though the game is discounted while it's early access.

What's the player limit for one server?
It should be around 100 players.

What are the core features of the game?
It'll be mostly about surviving. That means you have to scavenge and hunt or even grow your own food. You have to build or find a secure place and stay healthy.

What happens if you die?
You will drop your whole inventory and respawn.

May I create YouTube videos about this game?
Yes, please! We would be happy to see Immune all over YouTube. :)


  • Will there be skills/perks in the game? And if so, what would happen to those after death?
  • I am not sure about skills yet, but I want to integrate perks for a long life which get reset if you die. I though about ranks or visible indicators for "good" players, too to create sth. like levels or ranks for long term motivation. But this system isn't integrated, yet.

    I am open for ideas as long as it's not another WoW like skill bashing thing. :)
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