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Player Unkillable lol

the guy had a skull on his head name he tore threw all my stone walls with a Knife thats terrible the place is not safe from a knife we tried to kill him we could not kill this guy when we finally turnt green he killed both of us he didnt even lose any damage how is he able to shoot us first and he is already red . there is no protection at all for all the hard work lol metal is hard to come by and even then they can stick bombs in between your stone walls and doors so there still lack of security no way to keep anything safe the guy killed us and killed us we shoot at him he never got a scratch.


  • If he has lots of med kits, he might heal up a lot?
    That's the only option I see there.

    "Nothing is safe" is true. It's a survival game after all. ;)
    But I get what you mean. Some players are stuffed with resources, which makes them godlike to some degree.
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